Saturday, January 16, 2010

Episode #6 featuring Down with Webster

What's Poppin' y'all,

Its your boys Middy and Dre here ready to give you another blog and we're gonna share some insight on our latest episode shoot with up and coming band from Toronto, Down with Webster.

This band from The Beaches area are I guess what we would consider to be a "sleeper" band. Now if you guys out there don't get the lingo, "sleeper" refers to the assumption that the fans of the music game haven't been paying much attention to these guys, even though they are gonna be the next BIG thing.

Why do we say that I'm sure you're wondering, Well I'll tell you...

I'm just going to go ahead and name a few reasons: In 2008, DWW won the Rogers Mobile/Universal Music best unsigned artist in Canada award and in 2009 both KISS front man Gene Simmons and hit-maker Timbaland (who were both in attendance) expressed interest in signing the band to their respective labels. According to Timbaland, "That group is the most amazing and creative, innovative group that’s going to come out in 2010."

Did you guys read those names up^^^ there? Gene Simmons and Timbaland!!

By the time Gene Simmons and Timbaland realized that they needed to jump onto the DWW "band wagon" (get it?...BAND lol) the group was already in talks with Universal Motown to get a deal done. They eventually went on to sign with Motown and agreed to work with Timbaland in the future, to keep the relationship alive.

Yeah that's right, Timbaland couldn't even sign them.

Now if you're wondering who the heck is signed to Universal Motown, I think you might reconize some of these names: Akon, Blue October, Forever the Sickest Kids, Lil' Wayne, Kid Cudi, Drake, Paper Route and the list goes on.

Bottem line everyone is that these guys are definitely something for you to check out. Make sure you catch our upcoming episode #6 featuring Down with Webster, as we caught up with them at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

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That's it for now, Peace.

Middy and Dre


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