Monday, March 29, 2010

Featured Video: Romeo INC. Demo Reel Behind the Scenes

Our good friend Romeo hit us up to cover the shoot of his new demo reel, for the release of his company, ROMEO InC*.

Here is an excerpt from his press release courtesy of iluvlola.net:

"Romeo Casellas has been dancing for the past 9 years under the choreography and guidance of the internationally renowned, Luther Brown. "He showed me a whole new light on dance and changed my world forever," he says of Luther. "He helped set a path for me and made me appreciate the love of the dance and choreography in a whole different light" 

For over a year Romeo has gradually progressed to teaching and choreographing dances of his own. His biggest project to date has been Canadian R&B sensation, Danny Fernandes. Since the release of Danny's debut album "Intro" in 2008, Romeo and his dance crew have been accompanying Danny on all of his tours and appearances across Canada and overseas. Most recently they performed together at the Midem Music Conference in France. Romeo co-choreographed the tour routines with Luther Brown and Mark Samuels, which were performed at shows all over the country, sharing stages with some of pop culture's biggest stars such as Akon and Sean Kingston, whom they just got off tour with in early 2010. 

Throughout his dancing career, Romeo has performed with top musicians and entertainers, such as Rihanna, Nelly Furtato, Danny Fernandes, Cory Lee and many more.  His work in music video and television productions include artists such as Missy Elliot, Shawn Desman, Sean Paul, and Maestro. His company Romeo INC, is an extension of the knowledge and the energy that he has experienced first hand on and off stage."

Check out the official behind the scenes produced by Middy and Dre, Here:


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