Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode Shoot: French Electro-Rock group "Make the Girl Dance"

Tonight we're gonna be shooting an episode of What's Poppin' at Cheval bar/nightclub, for the "Make the Girl Dance" (http://www.myspace.com/makethegirldance) concert.  This French Electro-Rock group began making waves with their music when they launched a ground-breaking music video, that sent shock-waves throughout not only the music industry, but the internet and viral media markets.

Here is an excerpt from their press release:

"...The infamous video quickly became an international sensation gaining over 10 million views on YouTube and Dailymotion.com that sees three naked women walking down a street in Paris in broad daylight, a clever use of black censor bars and all on a budget of $80. Now with millions of new fans all over the world from the mass exposure of the video and a #1 video on Musique Plus’ Top 20, Make The Girl Dance are out on the road on their first international tour playing shows in Canada, U.S., South Korea, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, U.K., Russia and France.

The song has also gained the attention of Victoria’s Secret who uses the song in their new Miraculous Bra commercial as well Guitar Hero who chose to do a full parody of the music video for the launch of Guitar Hero 5." 

Here is the infamous video that launched their career:

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby ( official video )
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Here is the Guitar Hero Parody:

Here is the Victoria Secret commercial their music was featured in:


Anonymous said...

3 idiots walk down the street naked and the world goes crazy? What the f- is the matter with humanity? Shock value has always been used by hacks and attention whores.

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