Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Poppin' Episode #7 featuring: Timbaland

What's going on loyal readers?

We're here to bring you yet another one of our entertaining blogs, and also another hit episode from our show "What's Poppin" In this episode we bring you a feature from one of the music industries top hit-maker, Timbaland.

We had a chance to attend his concert when he was here in Toronto for his Shock Value II Tour, and he definitely put on a show. He played some of his more recent hits such as, "Morning After Dark", and "Say Something" and some of his classics like, " Are you that somebody?" and "Hot like Fire" at the concert; and it got the crowd moving. Now while the concert itself was very entertaining because of the musical content and the amazing band that he was with, there seemed to be moments when it appeared as if he was just dragging the show to fill out the appropriate time slot. How bad was the drag you ask? Well lets just say it was enough to make some people leave!

Still the concert was good overall, and it was great to see Timbo in the flesh playing some of his tunes.

There was this one moment however where the band was just going OFF. Everyone had there own solo and they seemed to steal the show there for a bit. I think Timbaland was kinda detecting that because he started to dictate them after a while and start playing his own beats to take it back. But honestly, we could listen to that band play ALL NIGHT!

If you wanna know more about the concert (even if you don'y wanna know more about the concert) be sure to check out our latest episode of "What's Poppin" featuring Timbaland, as we give you the scoop on what's the latest on one of the industries hottest hit makers. We're releasing the episode to youtube on Friday February 12th (youtube.com/middyanddre) and will be available on Bpm: TV on the following Monday (February 15th).

Trust me, I know there's a lot going on this weekend with the whole Valentines day and the NBA all-star weekend and everything, but be sure to make some time for this episode.

That's it for us now. Keep reading and keep staying up to date with your boys.


Middy and Dre


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